Spring Well Sermon : The Imperative Of Obedience

Text: First Samuel Chapter 15 Welcome my beloved brethren to this day sermon in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.This is actually the time to soak ourselves in the love of God. In the sermon, we are considering the great need of obedience to the word of God. We need to listen attentively to what the Lord is telling us through the spirit, so that we can obey the instruction squarely. In the text, we see the Prophet Samuel directing Saul the King of Israel to go to war against the Amalekites. The prophet explained the details of the war to him; that is to destroy everything completely. The instruction was very severe. No booty or spoil of war! We see the genesis of the Lord’s anger in Exodus Chapter 17 verse 8- 16. It is there in verse 14, where God said, ” For I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven .” You see, when Saul failed in the assignment, he was rejected by God. We saw the consequences on Saul and his family and the entire nation of Israel as God chose David as king while Saul was still standing as king of Israel. That situation caused bad blood among the tribes of Israel, which eventually leo a thing you are incapable of doing or that will not bring utmost benefit to you and your family! GOD BLESS YOU.



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