Family Values :The Divine Perspective

When God created mankind according to the bible, he made them male and female. The woman was made from one of the ribs of man which the bible said, God took from Adam while he slept. It can be inferred that the woman was taken from his side not from the leg or hand . The rib signifies the heart. It can be said that woman is the heart of man as legend had it that the missing rib  was the one closest to the heart. So from that very beginning God made marriage invisible- spiritual. The rib is invisible to the eyes. The eyes cannot see the ribs. Marriage is not something that can be understood ordinarily. Marriage is more or less complex . Again, marriage from the biblical account is not something that happens without a price or loss! Adam lost that rib before he could land a woman. Again, from the biblical account, we see that the woman was made to be a help-meet ( a suitable companion-complement)  for man . From that rib, God brought   the woman. That is to say that  man was doubled. He was no longer one but two. The two by act is to be one . The divine formular is one plus one = two = one. Marriage is more mysterious than can be imagined. It does not  happen without pains. It is this pain that young persons refuse to acknowledge. That is the reason for the high rate of divorce these days. Young persons want to eat their cake and have it . They want marriage and not the pains. That is the price we have to pay for taking another person into our lives. This age of freedom and liberation is not actually helping matters at all as people want to live their lives according to their whims and caprices. The divine perspective is maintaining the family values with understanding of tolerance. Marriage is learning, learning and learning . Marriage is a crazy world. We can never understand it all . Human nature is not static. We will continue to evolve in each passing moment. Every experience gives us a broader perspective of who we are, especially as we advance in life and in our relationship with people and places.  understanding the divine perspective is the surest way to maintaining peace and harmony which will generate the space for the development of the society. See You!

Stephen Igwebuike



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