When the founding fathers of modern Africa, notably Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah and others too numerous to mention where agitating and fighting for independence for their various nations, they had the bigger pictures of the continent. They envisaged an Africa that would  accommodate all sons and daughters both at home and the Diaspora. They were thinking of bringing the various nations- states under one umbrella –canopy; to be called then the United States of Africa in the mode of the United States of America. It was the balkanization of Africa occasioned by Colonialism and imperialism that worked against them and prevented them from achieving their dream.

They were unwavering though in their quest for a united Africa through the formation of Organization of African Unity (OAU) at the very dawn of independence of the various Africa States! It was therefore not surprising that OAU metamorphosed into the Africa union (AU) following the example of the European Union (EU).

The present leadership of the continent is un-daunting in the task of continental integration with the recent signing of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCTA).  It is plausible to say that the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) is leading the way for a united Africa, especially with the recognition given to the ECOWAS passport in the region and the birthing of the ECOWAS single currency by 2020. With a well coordinated and pragmatic approach by the ECOWAS policy makers it will be realizable which will serve as the springboard for the larger and greater African Unity.

Numerous writers and opinion leaders have lent their voice to the issue. They were hopes both from high and low quarters on the matter.

It is a known fact that Africa is the continent of the millennium! In fact United Nations officially declared Africa as the continent of the millennium.

Our late arrival to the scene is not our own making. It is designed by the powers that determine the affairs and fates of men and nations. Africa is designed to play the last card!

There is a comic joke about the topographic and position of the continent. If you looked at the map of Africa, you will no doubt see that the map of Africa is shaped like a gun. You see Nigeria as the trigger, while South Africa as the outlet.  Nigeria is to hold the trigger, while South Africa is the outlet or the mouth.  Nigeria and South Africa are providing the ground breaking–framework for the needed breakthrough!  Nigeria is to partner with South Africa to attend development and the global realization of controlling the world largest economy at this period of time. Nigeria is to bring her large population, with all her diversities to bear on the continent! Nigeria has abundant resources, both human and material and can boast of a huge market at any point in time.

South Africa should read the handwriting very well. She is needed for the integration of Africa, socially, culturally economically and otherwise! The attacks on fellow Africans are uncalled for. It should not have taken place in the first place. All hands are needed at this junction to be on deck. The world is looking up to us and we cannot afford to fail.

Technologically transfer is a farce. It is a mirage. No serious nation can divulge her secrets.

Technologically know-how is untransferable; unsaleable! We need to engineer our growth and progress by ourselves. It is by coming and working together that great objectives are attained.

The maxim united we stand, divided we fall is a truism. That should be a reminder for all Africans, both at home and the Diaspora.

I see various universities in Africa coming together and coordinating research and development that would provide the leeway for great technological accomplishment in the motherland.

No ill wind should be allowed to blow in any part of Africa.

Brothers fighting brothers will serve no useful purpose.

We need one another to secure development for all.

Africa should not be the hotbed of killings, kidnapping, raping and what have you! A stitch in time saves nine.

Although, South Africa might have their own grievances, but there are civilized ways and manners of settling them.

When our Big Brother Tony Elumelu was speaking recently in faraway Yokohama in Japan he was not speaking for himself but for all of us- Africa and our children.

His Africapitalism is his own pathway for Africa. He is the modern day Adam Smith for Africa. His foundation, Tony Elumelu Foundation is catering for the whole Africa. Why can’t South Africa look at Tony Elumelu and copy the good works he is doing!


Sunday Igwebuike is a poet-novelist.  He is the administrator of Spring Well Magazine, an internationally online syndicated general interest magazine. He is a stakeholder in the educational enterprise of Delta State of Nigeria as two of his books are being used for teaching and learning in schools in the state.  The books are :  Moving Train (collection of poems) for junior secondary schools and  Big Brother  (collection of poems) for primary schools. He is a Certified Librarian of Nigeria  (CLN).